Zero-Delay Data Processing

Process your data from import to export in true real-time.  Zero-Delay means that no queuing or other delays get in the way of your records being delivered nearly instantly after being accepted.  RRDB L!VE uses highly optimized methods to ensure that records can be processed in this way 24 hours a day.

Feature highlights include:

  • Ensures that data is processed and delivered the moment you receive it
  • Ideal for event-based marketing or when you need to send an email or SMS message while you know your customer has just signed up or is online
  • Fallback handling to ensure that data is still delivered in the event that a service or destination involved in the data flow becomes unavailable
  • The diagram below illustrates the steps that on some other systems involve queues or delays between them.  Not with RRDB L!VE.

No Queuing


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