Data Quality: All-in-One Solutions

RRDB L!VE's all-in-one data quality solutions merge the capabilities of our APIs into a unified process that can be accessed as an individual real-time API or applied to file data.

All-in-One Lead & Contact Authentication

A comprehensive and customizable solution for the verification and enhancement of consumer lead and contact records.

Key Steps Included

The following steps are included by default; however, the solution is fully customizable. Steps can be modified, removed, or added as needed. Additionally, multiple all-in-one processes can be implemented, each tailored for different use cases.

  • Standardize Data
    • Corrects, completes, and standardizes the contact form data, ensuring consistency and reliability for subsequent steps in the authentication workflow.
  • Confirm Identity
    • Verifies that the name, address, and phone match the data on record, providing an indication of whether the person who completed the form is who they claim to be.
  • Verify Address, Phone, and Email
    • Utilizes best-in-class technologies to verify phone connectivity and the deliverability of the postal and email address, ensuring accurate contact points for reliable communication.
  • TCPA Litigator Scrub
    • Scrubs the phone number against one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of known TCPA litigators and serial plaintiffs, reducing the risk of TCPA violations.
  • Evaluate Contactability
    • Determines the level of contactability from 'very high' to 'very low' through a comprehensive assessment that considers identity matching results, recent phone activity levels, the phone line’s connectivity status, type, and carrier, along with other relevant attributes affecting contact likelihood. This process enables the ranking and prioritizing of contact records based on their quality, which in turn allows for enhanced engagement with the most promising prospects and optimized revenue generation through data partnerships.
      Very High to Very Low
  • Append Demographics and Insights
    • Enriches the contact profile with gender, date of birth, and other optional demographic details, property and homeowner data, life stage information, and economic insights.
    • For all enhancement options, please visit our Data Enhancement page.

Customizable All-in-One Solution

  • Create the ideal combination of our data quality APIs for a solution specifically tailored to meet your needs.
  • Have existing relationships with third-party APIs? No problem! They can be integrated anywhere in your workflow.

Custom Flow

Custom Flow


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