Data Collection

Collecting your data from its many different sources is a critical first step.  With a plethora of protocols and data formats, this can be challenging.  RRDB L!VE removes all the complex barriers to ensure that you can accept data from almost anywhere, and it is extremely robust so you won't have to worry about being able to handle any volume of records.

Feature highlights include:

  • Accept real-time/live data feeds (contact data, lead data or any other)
  • Accept real-time/live events or data feeds via "Webhooks" from other platforms
  • HTTP(S) formats supported: Form/URL params, JSON or XML payloads
  • Create dedicated RRDB L!VE hosted FTP sites so files can be sent to you
  • Pickup files from remote FTP sites hosted by 3rd parties
  • Automated data transformation and filtering allows you to modify or sift out parts of the collected data before import if necessary


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