Data Validation & Verification

Data quality varies, and only through rigorous scrutiny can it be deemed trustworthy. Performing thorough validation & verification of your contact records fosters trust with data partners, minimizes fraud risks, optimizes marketing efforts, and helps maintain compliance, ultimately supporting both reputation and profitability.

RRDB L!VE provides comprehensive tools to authenticate your contact data.

Contact Validation

Ensuring that names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses are correctly formatted, genuine, and up-to-date, serves as a foundational step in maintaining quality communication and data integrity.


  • Formatting and standarization of name, email, phone and postal address.
  • Proper casing of name, street address, city, state and email.
  • Correction of common misspellings and typos (in name, email, street, city etc.).
  • Vulgarity and suspicious word detection.
  • Name validation.
  • Postal address validation and move updates.
  • Validation of phone numbers and email addresses.

Contact Qualification & Verification

Boost efficiency and ROI by eliminating bad data and then pinpointing the most relevant contacts, ensuring that efforts are channeled toward those most aligned with business objectives and likely to engage or convert.


  • Confirm identity by validating that the name, email and postal address match what is on record for a given phone number.
  • Ensure contactability so you are successfully reaching and engaging with each contact via active phone numbers or emails.
  • Identify unusual patterns or behaviors in the data that resemble fraudulent or risky activities, so those contacts can be discarded.

Phone Activity, Validation & Intelligence

Understanding a phone number's activity, connectivity, owner specifics, and line category is pivotal for optimizing both inbound and outbound call functions.


  • Determine if the phone number has been consistently active over recent months, indicating that it's still in regular use and of high value.
  • Conduct live validation to ensure the number is active and connected.
  • Identify line type (mobile, landline, VOIP, prepaid) & carrier to know which numbers can accept text messages, filter and route calls, and to tailor communications.
  • Retrieve identity and demographic details of the phone owner to enrich your CRM database or display to agents.

Email Validation

A successful email marketing strategy requires verifying that emails are active and deliverable. Sending to inactive addresses or spam traps can hurt your reputation. Use our email validation service to ensure your emails are both valid and can be successfully delivered, safeguarding against hard bounces and potential IP blocks.


  • Identify hard bounces, disposable emails, spam traps, complainers, bots, seed accounts and more.
  • Perform a multi-method verification of the email address to accurately confirm deliverability.