Data Validation &

Data validation and verification services ensure your records are correct, complete, clean, and ready to distribute or monetize.

Contact Validation features:

  • Formatting and standarization of contact names, emails, phone numbers and postal addresses
  • Case correction for name, address, city, state and email 
  • Zip code +4 appending if missing
  • Correction of common misspellings and typos
  • Postal address move updates
  • Appending of census marketing data (FIPS & CBSA codes etc.)
  • Identify which contact data points are associated with each other 

BONUS appending of DOB, DOD, Gender and GeoIP if available

Contact Validation + Append features:

  • Record completion by appending (if available) 
    • Missing/Vulgar First, Last & Middle Name
    • Missing/Malformed Email
    • Missing/Malformed Phone Number
    • Missing/Malformed Postal Address


Data Verification is the next step to ensuring your records are pristine and ready to monetize or distribute. 

Utilize our Email Validation service to verify that your emails are clean & deliverable.  Avoid complaints by removing hard bounces, spam traps and other threats.

Email Validation features:

  • Real-time/Live verification 
  • Identify hard bounces & numerous other threats
  • Confirm that the email is deliverable

Verifying that your postal addresses are valid & deliverable, again helps with successful deployment and cost management of your marketing efforts.  Our Contact Validation services takes care of this for you.





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