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Online deception is more prevalent now than ever before and continues to escalate. Bad actors employ increasingly sophisticated methods to exploit systems for their gain, resulting in financial benefits for them and losses for you. This not only results in the squandering of marketing budgets and human resources but can also damage your brand's reputation, demoralize employees, and heighten legal risks.

RRDB L!VE offers a unique and powerful solution to identify and protect against fraud that is occurring during your registration process, or with inbound calls (if applicable).

Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

  • Identify whether the registration form was completed by an automated traffic source (i.e. bot)
  • Leverage a worldwide fraud data consortium, to determine if there is known risk associated with the data.
  • Identify unusual patterns or behaviors that resemble fraudulent activities.
  • Check the identity of the registration by confirming that the name, address, phone and email match the contact data on record.
  • Perform a complete verification of the phone number, email address, and postal address.

Inbound Call Operations

  • Conduct advanced reputation checks to determine whether there is risk associated with the phone number.
  • Use intelligence about the calling number to confirm that a legitimate consumer is associated with that number and that the phone line type or carrier is not one that is used by bad actors that rotate through reusable/disposable numbers.


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