Ensuring regulatory compliance represents a universal and complex challenge for all companies. Marketers engaged in outbound calling and text messaging, or those managing inbound call centers, are particularly vulnerable to legal risks under the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). One prevalent issue is reaching out to consumers without their explicit permission. Frequently, violations occur due to reliance on outdated, incorrect, or otherwise unreliable data.


  • Scrub phone numbers against one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of known TCPA litigators and serial plaintiffs. Both inbound and outbound call marketers should do this as a best practice.
  • Check¬†aged phone numbers against the FCC's "Reassigned Numbers Database" (RND) to ensure you are not contacting the new owner of a phone number that has not provided you permission.
  • Leverage our fraud detection capabilities to safeguard against the risk of reaching out to unaware consumers who have not given their consent.
  • Integrate scrubs against the state and federal DNCs that you are subscribed to.


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