Maintaining compliance is a wide-ranging challenge that all companies face.  Marketers who conduct outbound calling and text messaging, or operate an inbound call center, have legal exposure under the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).  One of the most common violations is contacting a consumer without their consent.  Working with bad, aged, or inaccurate data is a leading cause of these violations.


  • Scrub phone numbers against one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of known TCPA litigators and serial plaintiffs. Both inbound and outbound call marketers should do this as a best practice.
  • Check aged phone numbers against the FCC's "Reassigned Numbers Database" (RND) to ensure you are not reaching a new owner of the phone number that has not provided you permission.
  • Utilize our Fraud detection features to protect against the risk of contacting an unsuspecting consumer who did not give you permission.
  • Integrate scrubs against the state and federal DNCs that you are subscribed to.