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Contact Validation API

Contact Validation API

All-in-one contact data validation, standardization, correction, and completion with default appending of DOB & Gender.


  • Phone numbers 
    • 10 digit without any special characters (i.e. 8885551212)
  • Postal addresses
    • Standardized single line address
    • Proper casing
    • 2-digit state code
    • Zip code +4
  • Email
    • To lower case

Proper Casing:

  • Names, addresses, city, state and email


  • Correct misspellings in names and addresses
  • Correct typos in email (i.e. gmaill.com -> gmail.com)


  • DOB (Month + Year) if missing and available
  • DOD (Date of Death) if available
  • Gender if missing and available 
  • Marketing Codes
    • FIPS & CBSA codes
  • Missing city, state or zip
  • Postal address moves
    • Postal address updated to latest address if a move is confirmed


  • Postal address validation (to confirm the street address exists and is deliverable)
  • Basic email validation (syntax is correct and email was found in database of known emails)
  • Basic phone validation (number is valid and was found in database of registered phone numbers)
  • Name validation (first and last names confirmed as real names in census data)
  • Result codes indicate which data points are associated with each other
    • Name and Address Match
    • Name and Phone Match
    • Name and Email Match
    • Address and Phone Match
    • Address and Email Match
    • Phone and Email Match
Contact Enhancement API

Contact Enhancement API

Performs the same actions as the "Contact Validation API", and will also append (if available) name, address, phone, and email if missing or invalid.

Key Features:

  • Append first, middle & last name if missing or contains vulgarity/suspicious words
  • Append postal address if missing or invalid
  • Append city, state, or zip if missing or invalid
  • Append email address if missing or invalid
  • Append phone number if missing or invalid
Contact Qualification API

Contact Qualification API

Evaluates a contact's viability by confirming the identity of the name associated with a phone number and measuring the level of contactability.

Key Features:

  • Indicates whether the provided name matches what is on record for the phone owner.
  • Measures the activity of the phone number over recent months to determine whether it is connected and in regular use.
  • Assesses contactability ranging from very high to very low, by considering the result of name matching, the type of phone line and its carrier, and the activity status of the phone number.
  • The contact is qualified if the contactability level is high or very high.


  • Maximize marketing efforts by pursuing all highly contactable leads, even if the names don’t align.  In many cases the name doesn’t match simply because of shared phone plans.
  • Prioritize leads based on how likely they are to be contactable.
  • Track essential data points, such as the name matching status, phone activity score, and contactability level, to determine which data sources are producing the highest quality leads.
Demographics API

Demographics API

Additional option for "Contact Validation API" or "Contact Enhancement API" to add premium demographics and consumer insight data.

Core Demographics:

  • Presence Of Children
  • Children Age Range
  • Presence Of Senior
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Political Party
  • Ethnic Code
  • Ethnic Group
  • Credit Card User
  • Marital Status
  • Household Size
  • Length Of Residence
  • Homeowner or Renter

Financial demographics "bundle":

  • Estimated Credit Score
  • Estimated Household Income
  • Estimated Net Worth
Email Validation API

Email Validation API

Performs a multi-method verification of an email address to accurately confirm deliverability and identify hard bounces, spam traps and other email threats.

Key Features:

  • Uses network and reputation-based data, and a live ping against the provider to confirm the email address is a valid existing account that is receiving messages.
  • Identifies:
    • Hard Bounces (Undeliverable)
    • Disposable Emails
    • Spam Traps
    • Complainers
    • Bots
    • Seed Accounts
    • ... and more


  • Identifying and avoiding spam traps and complainers helps maintain a good sender reputation, which is crucial for ensuring that emails are not marked as spam by email service providers.
  • By ensuring that emails are sent only to valid and active accounts, resources such as time, bandwidth, and money are used more efficiently, avoiding waste on undeliverable or irrelevant contacts.
Phone Validation API

Phone Validation API

Determines the connectivity of a phone number with a high degree of accuracy and returns the line type to identify mobile, landline or VOIP numbers.

Key Features:

  • Conducts live validation through telecommunications databases and directly queries the phone network switches to ensure the number is active and connected.
  • Returns line type (mobile, landline or VOIP) allowing businesses to tailor their communication strategies.
  • If the status of the number cannot be confirmed for any reason, it will be identified as connected, so viable data is never discarded.


  • Live validation ensures that the information is current. This is particularly important in a dynamic environment where phone statuses can change frequently.
  • By ensuring that phone numbers are active and connected, businesses can avoid wasting resources on contacting numbers that are no longer in service or are incorrect.
Phone Activity API

Phone Activity API

Assesses a phone number's activity history over recent months and offers a swift response for phone validation without live connectivity checks.

Key Features:

  • Ensures that the phone number has been in regular use over recent months, thus indicating its authenticity and reliability.
  • Returns line type (mobile, landline or VOIP) allowing businesses to tailor their communication strategies.
  • While it's more cost-effective than live connection verification, it maintains a dependable accuracy with minimal false positives.


  • Offers a practical solution for organizations looking to balance budget constraints with the need for reliable results, particularly in high volume.
  • By ensuring that the phone number has been in regular use, the risk of contacting inactive or outdated numbers is significantly reduced, leading to more productive outreach efforts.
Phone Intelligence & Identity APIs

Phone Intelligence & Identity APIs

Retrieves a wealth of information regarding a given phone number, encompassing its line type, the carrier name, and the contact details tied to that number.

Key Features:

  • Draws from an expansive and regularly updated database, ensuring broad coverage of US phone numbers.
  • Phone Intelligence API
    • Extracts all contact details including first and last name, postal address, and email address.
  • Phone Identity API
    • Identifies the number as belonging to a business or person and extracts the name, postal address, and email address. For businesses, the industry type is returned, otherwise age range and gender are returned.
  • Determines the line type—whether mobile, landline, VOIP, or prepaid—and identifies the carrier name, providing a clear picture of the number's origins and service provider.
  • Enhances security and decision-making by detecting non-fixed VOIP, prepaid numbers, and carriers with known issues, enabling a more informed and protective approach to communications.


  • Validate and enrich your contact list by matching phone numbers with the corresponding names, addresses, and emails in the database.
  • Automatically populate CRM systems with incoming caller details, streamlining customer service and sales processes.
  • Screen out potentially problematic numbers and carriers, reducing the risk of fraudulent interactions or unreliable communications.
Fraud Detection & Risk Scoring APIs

Fraud Detection & Risk Scoring APIs

Multi-Layered fraud detection to determine if the data originated from automated sources or whether there is known risk associated with the data.

Device Fingerprinting API

  • Performs client-side visitor and device fingerprinting.
  • Identifies automated traffic sources (i.e. bots and other malicious tools).
  • Determines whether the traffic was in incognito mode, using a VPN and whether the browser identification was tampered with.

Risk API

  • Performs a score-based risk assessment (with recommended allow/flag/block actions) that takes a phone number as the primary input, along with the end-user IP address and the email address.
  • Leverages a worldwide fraud data consortium, to analyze and assess any risks linked to the data.
  • Identifies unusual patterns or behaviors that resemble fraudulent activities.
  • Risk can come from multiple vectors including known fraud tied to the data, suspicious traffic patterns & activity, and usage velocity abnormalities.
TCPA Litigator, RND & DNC APIs

TCPA Litigator, RND & DNC APIs

Scrub phone numbers against known TCPA litigators, the FCC's "Reassigned Numbers Database" (RND), and DNCs that you are subscribed to.

TCPA Litigator API

  • Checks a phone number against one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of known TCPA litigators and serial plaintiffs.
  • Both inbound and outbound call marketers should do this as a best practice.


  • Utilizes the FCC's "Reassigned Numbers Database" to identify whether a phone number has changed ownership since the date you acquired permission to contact.


  • Scrubs against the national and state DNCs that you are subscribed to.



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