Data Workflow Automation

Without automation, processes and tasks need to be done manually, which introduces many opportunities for human error and takes away from the time that should be spent on other key areas of your buisness.  RRDB L!VE covers the bases when it comes to managing the complex moving parts of automated data flows.

Feature highlights include:

  • Graphical diagrams make it easy to design & visualize complex workflows
  • Define custom validation & enhancement workflows involving multiple steps and API calls
    • Incorporate RRDB L!VE APIs, 3rd Party APIs, or a combination thereof
    • Use custom logic to make decisions based on the results of each step
    • Apply the custom workflow to your data feeds, or expose it as a single API call
  • Define custom export workflows that require decisions based on the results of calls to one or more 3rd Party APIs
    • Apply the custom workflow to your data feeds
  • Utilize Zero-Delay Data Processing to ensure that your workflows run instantly, with no queuing or delays


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