Data Quality APIs

Contact Validation API

Contact Validation API

All-in-one contact data validation, standardization, correction, and completion with default appending of DOB & Gender.

  • Formatting:
    • Phone numbers 
      • 10 digit without any special characters (i.e. 8885551212)
    • Postal addresses
      • Standardized single line address
      • Proper casing
      • 2-digit state code
      • Zip code +4
    • Email
      • To lower case
  • Proper Casing:
    • Names, addresses, city, state and email
  • Auto-Correction:
    • Correct misspellings in names and addresses
    • Correct typos in email (i.e. gmaill.com -> gmail.com)
  • Appends:
    • DOB (Month + Year) if missing and available
    • DOD (Date of Death) if available
    • Gender if missing and available 
    • Marketing Codes
      • FIPS & CBSA codes
    • Missing city, state or zip
    • Postal address moves
      • Postal address updated to latest address if a move is confirmed
  • Validation
    • Postal address validation (to confirm the street address exists and is deliverable)
    • Basic email validation (syntax is correct and email was found in database of known emails)
    • Basic phone validation (number is valid and was found in database of registered phone numbers)
    • Name validation (first and last names confirmed as real names in census data)
  • Result codes indicate which data points are associated with each other
    • Name and Address Match
    • Name and Phone Match
    • Name and Email Match
    • Address and Phone Match
    • Address and Email Match
    • Phone and Email Match
Contact Enhancement API

Contact Enhancement API

Performs the same actions as the "Contact Validation API", and will also append (if available) name, address, phone, and email if missing or invalid.

  • Append first, middle & last name if missing or contains vulgarity/suspicious words
  • Append postal address if missing or invalid
  • Append city, state, or zip if missing or invalid
  • Append email address if missing or invalid
  • Append phone number if missing or invalid
Demographics API

Demographics API

Additional option for "Contact Validation API" or "Contact Enhancement API" to add premium demographics and consumer insight data.

  • Premium Demograhpic Appends 
    • Children Age Range
    • Education
    • Household Size
    • Political Party
    • Presence Of Senior
    • Credit Card User
    • Ethnic Code
    • Ethnic Group
    • Household Income
    • Marital Status
    • Length Of Residence
    • Presence Of Children
    • Occupation
    • Homeowner or Renter
Email Validation API

Email Validation API

Performs a multi-method verification of the email address to accurately confirm deliverability and identify hard bounces, spam traps and other email threats

  • Uses network and reputation-based data, and a live ping against the provider to confirm the email address is a valid existing account that is receiving messages
  • Not simply a database lookup or check for activity
  • Identifies:
    • Hard Bounces (Undeliverable)
    • Disposable Emails
    • Spam Traps
    • Complainers
    • Bots
    • Seed Accounts
    • ... and more
Phone Validation API

Phone Validation API

Determines the connectivity of the phone number with a high degree of accuracy and returns the line type to identify mobile, landline or VOIP numbers.

  • Performs a real-time verification using telco data and by hitting the phone network switches to confirm that the number is "live & connected"
  • Not simply a database lookup or check for activity
  • Returns line type (mobile, landline or VOIP)
Phone Intelligence API

Phone Intelligence API

Provides access to a rich database of US phone numbers, and accurately returns the phone line type, carrier name, and contact information associated with the number.

  • Advanced line type and carrier detection
  • Full contact information including first name, last name, postal address and email
  • This data can be used for “Contact Matching”, identifying incoming callers to populate your CRM, as well as screening for non-fixed VOIP or prepaid numbers and problematic carriers
Fraud Detection APIs

Fraud Detection APIs

Multi-Layered fraud detection to assess risk and whether the data was submitted by an automated traffic source.

  • Device Fingerprinting API
    • Performs client-side visitor and device fingerprinting
    • Identifies automated traffic sources (i.e. bots and other malicious tools)
    • Determines whether the traffic was in incognito mode, using a VPN and whether the browser identification was tampered with
  • Phone Risk API
    • Performs a score-based risk assessment (with recommended allow/flag/block actions) that takes a phone number as the primary input, along with the end-user IP address and the email address
    • With a global fraud data consortium as the backbone, an analysis is performed to determine if there is risk associated with the data
    • Risk can come from multiple vectors including known fraud tied to the data, suspicious traffic patterns & activity, and usage velocity abnormalities
DNC & TCPA Litigator API

DNC & TCPA Litigator API

Scrub phone numbers against known TCPA litigators as well as any DNCs that you are subscribed to.

  • Detect whether the phone number is associated with a known TCPA litigator or serial plantiff
  • Scrub against the national and state DNCs that you are subscribed to
  • Receive data to help stay within calling restrictions that vary from state to state


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