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RRDB L!VE Cloud Account

Cloud Account   


An RRDB L!VE cloud account is a fully hosted solution with online access and built-in functionality to utilize ALL RRDB L!VE features and APIs.

Our intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to:

  • Centralize data and leads from all your sources or websites
  • Automatically de-dupe the data upon import
  • Scrub the data against global blacklists
  • Manage suppression lists and apply the suppression on import and/or export
  • Accept real-time/live data in any format
  • Accept real-time/live JSON/XML webhooks from other platforms
  • Accept data via FTP
  • Manage all your incoming and outgoing data feeds
  • Automate data validation & enhancement
  • Query your data in seconds (even with very large data sets)
  • Manually import or export data
  • Create import templates to map data from files to fields in your database
  • Create export templates to customize the format and fields in your exported files
  • Centrally manage all your 3rd party API integrations
  • Build segmentations to target and then deliver your data to:
    • Data partners
    • ESPs
    • SMS platforms
    • Call centers
    • Any other 3rd party platform
  • Leverage powerful reporting including:
    • Charting capabilities
    • Saved reports
    • Custom reports
  • And much, much more ...
RRDB L!VE Web Services

Web Services


RRDB L!VE web services allow you to utilize our data quality solutions from within your application or another data/lead management platform that you are using.

There are 3 ways to take advantage of web services:

  • Web Service: Direct API
    • Integrate our data quality APIs into your internal system by calling them directly
    • Call each API indiviaully as needed
    • Enjoy fast response times and well structured JSON responses
  • Web Service: All-In-One API
    • Create custom validation & enhancement workflows that involve multiple steps
    • The steps may consist of a mix of RRDB L!VE APIs or calls to 3rd party APIs (if you already have relationships with other data validation/enhancement platforms)
    • Apply custom logic to make decisions based on the results of each step.  This allows you to control the path of the workflow and ultimatley the final result
    • The workflow will be exposed as a single API call
    • Therefore, you only need to integrate the API once, and when changes in the workflow are required, you simply modify the workflow within our interface.  No changes need to be made on your end
    • Response times are fast and the JSON result will contain the validation status as well as the final version of the data record (after validations, enhancements and appends have been performed)
  • Web Service: Pass-Through
    • Eliminate the technical challenge of building API integrations
    • Simply redirect your data feeds through one or more of our data quality APIs, or create a custom workflow that the data will run through
    • Your existing feed configurations don't need to change
    • You only need to point them to a new URL and we will then pass them through to the current URL after processing the data
    • This solution is especially helpful if you are using another data management platform and you want to validate & enhance your data before it enters that system
RRDB L!VE FTP Services

FTP Services


Use RRDB L!VE FTP services to automatically process your batch file data through RRDB L!VE or 3rd Party data quality APIs.

Feature highlights include:

  • Load files onto a dedicated FTP account
    • All file formats are supported (CSV, Tab delimited, Pipe delimited, Excel etc.)
  • The files are processed automatically and the results files are placed back onto the FTP account
    • Results files are returned in the same format as the original file
    • Enhanced fields are updated and appended fields are added to the results file
  • Multiple validation and/or enhancement steps can be applied to each file
    • For example: The Contact Validation & Enhancement API could be applied to correct, complete, and standardize the data, append DOB, Gender and other demographics, and then the Email Validation API could be applied to verify and append the status of the emails.
    • The steps may involve a mix of RRDB L!VE APIs or calls to 3rd party APIs (if you already have relationships with other data validation/enhancement platforms)
  • Support for unlimited FTP accounts, each of which can be configured to apply specific validation or enhancement steps in any order




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